All ammunition produced in our custom shop is hand loaded- one cartridge at a time. Whether you order one box or ten, each cartridge is individually sized, prepped, and loaded. This meticulous process cannot be replicated in any mass-producing factory, where an excess of 5 million rounds of ammunition are produced daily.

For over 30 years, Safari Arms has been precision loading some of the most accurate ammunition available in the industry. Our time tested production process has been proved many times over, and delivers unmatched accuracy and consistency across all calibers.

Is There Really a Difference? We have been asked many times if there truly is a difference between our custom loaded ammunition and factory loaded ammunition. The Answer- Yes! Every cartridge is put through a 10 Stage Case Preparation Process and a Dual Stage Cleaning and Polishing Process before being loaded. Furthermore, each of our powder charges is weighed on a precision digital scale that is accurate to one tenth of one grain (0.1gr.).

The Result- Precise and consistent ammunition that can be

Trusted for the Hunt of a Lifetime

The following charts show the differences in powder charges between Safari Arms Custom Ammunition and Factory Ammunition. Our production process allows us to achieve near equal powder charges, where variances never exceed one tenth of one grain.

charts and photos



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