Recommended Products


This specially formulated bore cleaning solvent effectively removes all copper and powder fouling leaving the rifling completely clean, and allowing you to obtain the utmost accuracy from your ammunition. 8 oz. $12.00



These products are definitely the leading edge in firearms treatments. Developed expressly for ballistics applications, Tetra’s patented submicroscopic flouropolymer particles electrostatically bond to all metal surfaces by penetrating and filling the microscopic pores of the metal. This process greatly reduces fouling by eliminating friction within the bore. Once Tetra lubricants have been embedded they will not evaporate or wear off under normal use. The advantages are a substantial increase in velocity, accuracy and barrel life in most firearms as proven in independent laboratory testing. These products are simple to use and come with complete directions. The complete Tetra Gun Kit containing Tetra penetrating oil for treating rifle bores, Tetra light lubricant and cleaner, Tetra bore cleaner and Tetra gun grease is only $25.00.



We can provide you with reduced velocity ammunition loaded with Barnes Solids for barrel break in and conditioning. This ammunition is perfect for completing the bore conditioning process with minimum recoil and cleaning, and greatly speeds up the process when combined with the Tetra Gun products listed above.