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All ammunition is custom loaded utilizing only the finest premium components available, under the strictest quality control measures using techniques and equipment that are normally reserved for the assembly of bench-rest grade target ammunition. These are techniques that a factory cannot use as they must be performed individually by hand. Our ammunition is more accurate because it is more uniformly loaded than factory ammo. This is due to the fact that each powder charge is individually weighed, a process that is not possible with machine produced factory ammunition. Each primer is seated by hand to the proper depth after checking the uniformity of the primer pocket and de-burring the primer flash hole. This process ensures consistent ignition of the powder charge, and greatly increases the accuracy potential of the ammunition.

We also offer additional services such as reduced loads for the larger magnum calibers for practice prior to a big hunt, or for use on smaller game. We can also offer a larger range of bullet weights and styles for many calibers thereby increasing the usefulness of any rifle. All ammunition is packaged in 10, 20 or 50 round plastic containers that are approved for use during airline travel.



A special service that we offer to our clients is to design and custom produce four different loads of five rounds each in one box of ammunition. This process will allow you to test fire and determine which load will perform best in your rifle without having to purchase several full boxes of ammunition. Once you have determined the best load in your particular rifle, we will duplicate this load for all subsequent orders. Please note that there is a $10.00 charge added to the cost of the ammunition for this service.



This service is a favorite among those practicing at shooting schools or with larger caliber rifles. We produce specially formulated loads that reduce muzzle energy and recoil, yet still achieve the same accuracy of our full loads. This service has no additional charge and is highly recommended for larger caliber practice!



This service is especially important for those wishing to regulate a Nitro Express double rifle without spending a small fortune for ammunition in the process. We will supply you with a box of twenty custom loaded cartridges that contains five (5) different loads of four (4) rounds each. This will allow you to test five different loads to determine which will regulate best in your particular double rifle. Please note that there is a $15.00 charge added to the cost of the ammunition for this service.



If requested we will develop a custom load in your individual rifle. Please call for shipping instructions. Cost: Bolt action, single shot or lever rifles $175.00 per load, per rifle plus the cost of the ammunition utilized in developing the load.Double rifles $250.00 per rifle plus the cost of the ammunition utilized in regulating.