Double Rifle Ammunition


All double rifles are regulated during manufacture to group with one specific type of ammunition. With older rifles, it is not always possible to obtain the same type or brand of ammunition with which the rifle was regulated. On many of the newer double rifles recently produced, the ammunition used for regulation has changed over the past few years. Different bullets and load data have been introduced, thereby complicating the sighting in process on many of the newer doubles. In many cases, the ammunition used for regulation, is no longer available from the manufacturer. Our solution to this problem is to offer our clients the option of regulating the ammunition to their rifles. This is a fairly simple, and inexpensive alternative to having their double rifles re-regulated by the manufacturer, or having to buy box after box of expensive ammunition in an attempt to find a load that will shoot well in their specific rifle. This procedure can be accomplished with whichever brand and type of bullet you choose for use in your rifle. Once the correct load is found, we have the option of “fine tuning” in order to achieve optimal accuracy.