Important Information Regarding Industry-Wide Brass Shortages

While we have seen some improvements on the availability of components recently, we are still experiencing shortages on brass components for a variety of calibers.

Please note that both Winchester and Remington have not made brass available in component form for many calibers in over two years. Due to this fact we must use either Bertram, Hornady, Lapua, Norma or Nosler custom brass for the following calibers:

  • – 7mm STW
  • – .257 Roberts
  • – .260 Remington
  • – 6.5×55
  • – 8mm Rem Mag.
  • – .350 Rem Mag.
  • All Remington Ultra Magnum Calibers
  • All Winchester Short Magnum Calibers

While the brass from these manufacturers is of very high quality, it is also expensive as compared to Winchester or Remington brass. Because of the high cost of these components, we must charge an additional production fee when producing these calibers. The “upcharge” for these calibers is between $8 and $20 per 20 rounds of ammunition depending upon the caliber. We apologize for this inconvenience, however there are no other options available to us at this time.

Please contact us regarding the status of components or  with any questions regarding the upcharge.